Frequently Asked Questions

Existing Customers (4)

Not a problem! At the top right of the page, there is underlined text that says "Forgot Password?" Please click on the text link, and enter the email address used for your web account login. If it matches an email address in our system, a confirmation email will be sent to that email address.

Proceed by clicking the link on the email. This will take you to a page that will allow you to create a new password for your account. Enter your email and new password and enter!

Users must be signed into to their accounts view advanced features on, including the display of wholesale pricing and your Shopping Cart. Log in by entering the email address and password into the fields at the top right of the page that says "Email" and "Password". Please enter the email address and the password you provided when the account was created, and click on the "Login" button. The screen will say "Login Successful" and you will enter the website.

You will then see the words "Welcome back" with your name and the time/date of your last login. If you don't see your name, you are not logged in.

If you know that you are a customer on, but have forgotten the email address used for your account, please contact via the web form Your inquiry will receive a prompt response.

Every item has two prices on it: "Suggested Retail" and "Your Discounted Cost". If you are only seeing the Suggested Retail price, then you are not logged into the website. Please Login at the top right corner of the page. Discounted wholesale pricing is only available to approved customers of Rite Lite.


New Customers (2)

The website is a division of Rite Lite Ltd., a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of Judaica. In order to become a customer, one must have a Resale Certificate (retailers), Tax Exemption Certificate (non-profits), VAT number (international customers) or any such document identifying themselves as a Tax Exempt entity. does not sell directly to individual retail customers. If you are a wholesale customer unable to provide this information, please contact

So, if you are retail consumer and do not see the Judaica products you love at your local retailer, please tell them to stock up at!


Simply click on the any of the 3 "Sign In/Register" buttons on the homepage. Complete and submit the form and our Web team will review your information. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Get ready to have an enjoyable, worry free Wholesale Judaica experience!

Ordering (7)

Existing customers may request for terms to be extended to their accounts by submitting the Credit Sheet online, or faxing a completed copy to 718.498.1251. Click HERE to jump to the online Credit Application.

There is no need to worry about entering your Credit Card number on We are a secure, PCI compliant vendor, and all sensitive information is encrypted and stored according to strict industry leading guidelines.


through the appropriate shipping method selected at checkout.

Please note that service representatives in the Rite Lite office are unaware of shipping costs until the order is packed and are unable provide this information until the order is packed.

Simply view the purchase history of your company by clicking "My Support Center" at the top right Any open Web Orders, Invoices and Rite Lite orders will be displayed. Click the respective "View" link to view all past orders made with Rite Lite.


Every item on is in stock, UNLESS there is a ribbon with one of the following labels:

  • Low Stock- There are a few pieces remaining in stock; fulfillment depends on a first come first serve basis.
  • Season Out- The item will be available in the future, but is currently sold out for the season.
  • Temp Out- The item is will be available during the current season but is currently unavailable. Fulfillment will be backordered.

Rite Lite customers are well accustomed to same day shipping for items that are in stock. All in stock items are shipped immediately, and non-stock items are shipped as soon as they become available.

On rare occasion, such as during peak season, orders may be delayed. Notification will be provided in such an event.

Absolutely! Items will remain in your shopping cart for 5 days after the last time you logged in to your web account. After 5 days of inactivity, you will receive an email reminding your that you've left items in your cart. Even if you log in and do not add an item, the cart will refresh and start counting another 5 days.

If no action is taken after another 5 days, you will receive an email that the cart will expire. This is done to maintain accurate inventory levels.

Vendor Support (4)

Rite Lite is here to help you sell! After you submit an order, take advantage of our professional high resolution product images for your website and marketing promotions. Simply click on "My Support Center" at the top right of the page, and select an order or invoice to view all items on the respective order. Simply click on the "Download Images" button and a .zip file will download with images of the items on that order


All current Rite Lite catalogs are at your fingertips! Simple click the "Catalog Viewer" text link at the top of every page and a selection of current catalogs will appear. View a catalog online by clicking on it, and it will open as an actual catalog, with turning pages.


If you cannot see your cart to check out - you are not logged in. When you are logged in, the website displays your name at the upper right side of the screen in a yellow bar. If you are logged in but are unable to check out, please contact web support at Rite Lite:


Voice: 718.498.1700 ext. 106

Placing order online streamline the order process, as your orders are directly placed in queue for fulfillment. It is most convenient for the customer, and avoids miscommunication and errors.

Calling Rite Lite direct or faxing orders in does not expedite the order ahead of Web orders.